Music Video: “Doves In The Wild” by SZA featuring Kendrick Lamar

SZA has premiered the music video for her Kendrick Lamar-assisted track “Doves In The Wild”. The track is the latest single from SZA’s debut solo album “CTRL”. It’s already a critically acclaimed album, which means every single from this album will be worth visual treatment. After watching this video, I desperately want to see a lot more visuals from this girl on fire. The track “Doves In The Wild” is produced by Cam Obi.

“Doves In The Wild” music video shows SZA having a martial arts style (Kung-fu) fight with Kendrick Lamar. Its an intense battle where you will both trying their best moves but after a while, Kendrick has an upper hand as he moves his hands to direct energy to attack SZA. I don’t want to tell you who wins this battle because there are some surprises ahead. You will have to watch the music video to know what happens towards the end of the visual.

It turned out to be a fantastic music video. It wasn’t expected that SZA would do an MV in this style but it turned out to be simply amazing. It’s so good that will make you fall in love with the track “Doves In The Wild”. Give it a try below.

Watch “Doves In The Wild” music video by SZA featuring Kendrick Lamar

Post Author: David Watt