Music Industry’s Most Powerful Stars Under 21

There are tons of music stars out there who have millions of fans but can’t probably order a bear to celebrate their own achievements because they are still minor. Just as we wrote about Child Prodigies yesterday, today’s feature is also about young musicians who have hit the high note of fame before they turned […]

Are Child Prodigies Reshaping the Music Industry?

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation claimed Kevin Chen as country’s superstar pianist earlier this year. This kid is just eight years old. Another kid named Ryan Wang is just five years old and he has already performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. A German pianist named Laetitia Hahn has been delighting German music fans since she was […]

Kid A artwork

The best albums of the 2000’s – according to Reddit

Yesterday a Redditor by the name of dirkdiggin asked his/her fellow Redditors to name their top 10 albums of the 2000’s. Today all of the entries have been collated and a definitive list of what r/music subscribers think are the best albums of the 2000’s has been published. There’s no major surprises in the list, with Radiohead, The White […]

Crosley vinyl turntable

The best vinyl players for beginners

Vinyl sales are booming. According to the British Phonographic Industry (or BPI for short), sales of vinyl records hit their highest level last year since 1997. Over 780,000 vinyls were sold in 2013 – which was double the amount sold in 2012 and over 270% more than were sold five years ago. If the trend continues at […]

Pixie Lott

Pop success, it’s all in the name

Who remembers David Sneddon? David won the BBC’s talent show Fame Academy, a pre-cursor to X-Factor, in 2002. His subsequent debut single went straight to number 1, and then he kind of vanished. So what happened? You might put it down to the possibility that perhaps he wasn’t that talented, or the show itself was […]

Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014 – a view from the sofa

I didn’t go to Glastonbury this year, and it’s the first time I can remember not thinking ‘I wish I was there’ while watching the coverage on the BBC. The weather played a big part in that – no matter how much people try to kid themselves that the mud doesn’t matter, it does. When […]


Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel leading the way in innovation this summer

The Ushuaia Beach Hotel Ibiza had a stellar year on the White Isle last year, and is pushing forward with even more innovation in 2014 with the announcement of their new bracelet technology. Hotel guests who wear the bracelets can enter their room and pay for drinks and food simply by passing the bracelet through […]

Amazon Prime music streaming

What Amazon Prime Music needs to do to succeed

This past January, one of the biggest news stories in the music industry occurred when Beats Music launched in the U.S. Since then, there have been even more, and perhaps even bigger, stories making headlines. Beats has remained a prominent figure, as expected, and upped its share of the market after being purchased by Apple for […]

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The essential festival checklist

Were running a series of Festival Essentials in the run-up to festival season 2014. See the latest buying guides below: [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials: the best pop-up tents for festivals[/box] [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials: cool camping gear for festivals[/box] [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials: A guide to festivals abroad[/box] [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials […]