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The Most Memorable Music Moments from Marvel Cinematic Universe

Music can help make a movie. In fact, some of the biggest movies ever made have had some truly excellent soundtracks over the years. From the likes of 8 Mile to Dirty Dancing to Pulp Fiction, music and movies certainly go hand in hand, with a killer track elevating some productions. As a result, there are movie-themed playlists being listened to regularly, an array of brilliant music videos featuring clips from iconic movies, and merchandise being sold featuring bands from specific box office hits.

One great movie genre that relies on music to improve a variety of scenes and captivate audiences further is the extensive selection of titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. The American media franchise’s superhero films have featured some truly epic soundtracks, with many being used in iconic battle scenes, emotional storylines, and even during comical moments involving characters such as Groot. Even in the hugely popular Thunderstruck Wild Lightning slot game, a title that is based on Thor, there is a godly soundtrack. Music and Marvel go hand in hand and have produced some truly memorable scenes over the years. Some Marvel releases feature more music than others, of course, but overall, the offering from the much-loved franchise has been exceptional.

With a whole host of Marvel movie songs adding to a selection of releases, let’s look at some of the best of them below.

Come and Get Your Love – Guardians of the Galaxy

For many fans of Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are the best. One character that fans immediately think of is Peter Quill, a superhero that provides plenty of comical value throughout. One thing that gets fans chuckling is when Quill is listening to an array of music on his beloved Sony Walkman, especially in the opening scene of the movie when he’s dancing away to ‘Come and Get Your Love’ and loving life. The music helps to immediately cut the tension from the off and sets the mood for the entire movie.

Lazy Susan – Shang-Chi

Featuring rappers Rich Brian, 21 Savage, Warren Hue and Masi Wei, Lazy Susan is one of the best soundtracks from Shang-Chi. Particularly popular with fans of rap and hip hop, Lazy Susan features a range of clever lyrics and helped create a tense atmosphere during the numerous action-packed scenes in what was an impressive Marvel release. This genre of music isn’t usually associated with Marvel movies, but it certainly worked in Shang-Chi.

It’s Been a Long, Long Time – Avengers: Endgame

Captain America certainly had a tough time of it at certain moments throughout the Avengers movies, but thankfully it was all worth it in the end after he managed to carve out the life, he deserves for himself. In the final scenes of Avengers: Endgame, the Captain is seen slow dancing with Peggy, the love of his life, as they look like they are in love and finally united in what makes for a truly memorable ending. If there’s one character that deserved a happy conclusion, it’s Captain America.

Back In Black – Spider-Man: Far from Home

The song that started it all off, AC/DC’s classic number, is a part of Spider-Man: Far from Home, as well as being featured in one of the most iconic scenes in Iron Man. The track sits perfectly in this exceptional genre of movies, especially during the array of action scenes in Spider-Man and the insane moves he manages to pull off on a regular basis. It feels like AC/DC and the Marvel Cinematic Universe were made for each other.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer