Listen to “Love You Better” by Dominique

Dominique recently released “Good Girls” and now she is following it up with another single titled “Love You Better”. This new single has the same “Good Girls” vibe but it has a different atmosphere. Instead of those nostalgic beats that we heard in her previous single, this one is more on the ethereal side.

“If you let down your guard babe, I can love you better”, sings Dominique in this honest song. She talks about committment and how it could make things better but then the other person also needs to let down the guard. If one person is holding back and hiding things, then the relationship can’t move forward. That’s what the young and talented pop singer is telling us through this song.

The single “Love You Better” is a good song and it could turn out to be a hit. The best thing about this song is that it is free to download. That’s a clever move by Dominique considering she needs people to listen to her music as now. The best way to make them listen is to give them free music. That way they will at least appreciate her. I’m sure she will be a big star in a few years’ time. Listen to this latest single below.

Listen to “Love You Better” by Dominique

Post Author: David Watt