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Twitter #music launches on web and iOS

Twitter has today launched its rumoured #music service which, in their words, “will change the way people find music”.

The new #music service makes full use of all of Twitter’s internal data – Tweets, Retweets, Favourites, Replies etc… to provide a real-time selection of the most popular tracks – which you can then listen to via iTunes, Spotify or Rdio.

There are five different categories:

  • Popular – all of the current most popular tracks across the Twitterverse right now
  • Emerging – ‘hidden talent found in the Tweets’ – God knows how they’re working that out!
  • Suggested – which is a list of artists you might like, which I guess is based on the musicians you currently follow
  • #NowPlaying – songs that people you follow are currently listening to
  • Me – songs by artists you currently follow

Looking at the above categories, I can kind of see how Twitter #music could work quite well – especially the #NowPlaying and Me ones, as you can have much more control on those in terms of who you are following. It’s Pinterest-style design is pretty nice too:

Twitter #music

Try out Twitter #music here: and let me know what you think of it.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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