14 new tracks leaked from Madonna’s album

Yesterday we talked about a new strategy that Madonna and her label has adopted to help the new album stay out of shadows of recent hacks but things haven’t calmed down despite changing album name and offering 6 tracks for download on pre-order. Today 14 more tracks from new album “Rebel Heart” were leaked online. […]

Second Bite Of The Apple

Music app growth proves the popularity of the industry

The music industry is undergoing a revolution. 10 years ago, CDs were popular with the listening public but now the music app looks set to overtake this trend. Music on the move With sales of 1 billion in 2012, smartphones are the most popular way for consumers to enjoy their music. The increased popularity of […]

Space Music: Rosetta Comet is a ‘singing’ comet

Although Kim Kardashian tried breaking the internet with her butt, it was actually the Rosetta Comet that had caused the internet to go crazy. The comet landing on Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko has become an internet sensation especially after the robot landing on the comet starting Tweeting. But there is an even bigger news out […]

How Punk Changed The World

How Punk changed the world Punk. It exploded onto the UK and America and changed our post-war era irreparably, and although it is a tough challenge to pin down the who, where, when and why of what started punk, none of it really matters. What makes the movement starkly unique is its changing and culturally […]

What exactly does Working in Media mean?

Many people who want to express their creative abilities often say that they would like to ‘work in media’ – but what exactly does that mean? And what kind of qualifications might be needed? Here we look at the main areas that make up the modern definition of the term and the kind of careers […]


MOBO’s Brings Out The Style

It’s one of the most iconic award ceremonies in the music business, and once again the MOBOs welcomed some of the biggest names in the industry to Wembley arena. Over the years it’s welcomed stars from across all forms of entertainment including Tina Turner, Jay Z, Lennox Lewis, and even cricketer Monty Panesar, lighting up […]

Five Things That Keep Usher Inspired

Usher has an astounding career to be proud of with 24 million records sold in the U.S. alone. The star has already grabbed eight Grammys and his album ‘Confessions (2004)’ broke all sales records of ’00s. Usher went ahead of Billboard charting stars Jay Z, R Kelly, and Lil’ Wayne with his single “Good Kisser” […]