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Which Streaming App Is Best For Finding New Music?

Just about everybody is streaming music these days. There’s no better way to affordably access unlimited music. And while in the past, the idea of streaming excited people because they could listen to all their favorite artists, now streaming is the ideal way to find new music to listen to. Anyone can upload their music to one streaming service or another, and there will always be someone who enjoys their songs. Often, the music you end up loving is something you found through a playlist or algorithm.

There is a wide range of music streaming services available today. Even those in countries where these services aren’t available can get unblocked music sites with a VPN. So which one is best for finding new music?

The following is a guide to finding new music with one or more streaming services.

Genre fans: Spotify

Spotify’s algorithm is unbeatable when it comes to putting together new music playlists tailored to the listener. Millions of people are introduced to new music every week by these playlists, and may find their new favorite band this way.

It’s especially accurate for those who have a clear idea of what they like. They enjoy a particular genre, and will enjoy other bands within that genre, or artists who have similarities. Most people find new music by listening to artists similar to their favorites, and Spotify is the perfect facilitator of this.

Genre adventurers: SoundCloud

Not everyone likes one or another particular genre. They may enjoy one prog-rock band but hate all others. They may like some rappers but mostly enjoy classical music. These genre explorers aren’t well-served by playlists based on algorithms. The algorithms assume that the listener likes a particular type of music.

But these people love finding artists in a wide array of genres. SoundCloud is perfect for this, as it is more of a community than just another playlist generator. On SoundCloud, you can find new artists who haven’t been signed yet, or popular artists who are interacting with their fanbase. There is an unending amount of music to try. You’ll be surprised and excited by the quality of some as-yet unknown artists.

Apple ecosystem users: Apple Music

Ultimately, for those who use Apple devices will find Apple Music most useful for everything. Apple Music fits into the Apple ecosystem perfectly, and is really good for finding new music as well. Apple’s playlists may not be as advanced as Spotify’s, but they’re great nonetheless.

You’ll find music you’ve never heard of, as well as nostalgic throwback playlists based on what you listen to now. Since you’re already using Apple, this is going to be your go-to.

High-Fidelity listeners: TIDAL

Tidal is well-known for its catalog of artists who release on the platform before anywhere else. Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Rihanna have all done so. But what they’re really good for is the listener who wants the highest quality they can get. Tidal is one of the only streaming services that offers such high quality.

It’s for listeners who sit and listen to music as a hobby, with great headphones and a strong musical sense.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer