Music Video Review: “Focus” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released her new single on iTunes on October 30 and premiered the official music video for the single a few minutes later on VEVO to the excitement of her fans. However, the music video was received with mixed views from fans, some complaining about all the pastel treatment while others loving Ari’s new […]


Music Industry’s Most Powerful Stars Under 21

There are tons of music stars out there who have millions of fans but can’t probably order a bear to celebrate their own achievements because they are still minor. Just as we wrote about Child Prodigies yesterday, today’s feature is also about young musicians who have hit the high note of fame before they turned […]

Single Review: “Touch And Go” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has released a new track titled “Touch and Go”. This track came with the re-issue edition of his hit studio album “X” and it’s the only new track included in this album. The album “X” is now titled “X: Wembley Edition” and it’s released via Atlantic Records. The album hit the stores on […]

Music: “Every Day Is A Holiday” By Katy Perry

Katy Perry has finally released the full version of her new song “Every Day Is A Holiday” and it’s in high quality. The track was released with the official commercial for the new Christmas campaign of H&M. The track is available on YouTube for streaming. Katy Perry is the face of H&M for their Christmas […]

Single: “One Million Bullets” by Sia

Sia seems to be following a simple marketing strategy as she gets yet another weak closer to releasing her album. The album is coming out in January 2016 and Sia is preparing well for a massive launch. The album is titled “This Is Acting” and it will be released via RCA Records. The new single […]

Are Child Prodigies Reshaping the Music Industry?

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation claimed Kevin Chen as country’s superstar pianist earlier this year. This kid is just eight years old. Another kid named Ryan Wang is just five years old and he has already performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. A German pianist named Laetitia Hahn has been delighting German music fans since she was […]