Single Review: “Just Call” by Prince Fox and Bella Thorne

“Just Call” is the latest single by Prince Fox. The special thing about this song is that it features non other than Bella Thorne. It’s her welcome return to the pop scene. She does the vocals for this new Prince Fox single. Now that’s a cool way of making a comeback.

This latest banger is somewhat bittersweet. You gotta listen to “Just Call” to know what I mean. It’s mostly about the agony that one faces when waiting for the phone to ring. That’s something extremely common as we all go through these agonizing emotions every other day. This is one of the reasons I like this song and expect that a lot of you will have it in your playlist.

In this song, Bella talks about her boyfriend leaving her alone. Now she is desperate and has lost control. She expects the phone to ring at some point but she knows she’s telling herself lies and nothing more. But she isn’t alone in this agonizing moment as her boyfriend also feels the same.

When it comes to the chorus, both the singers come together. The mellow drop makes much more sense with both contributing to it. You’ll love this part and it will make you wish that Bella has a lot more music to offer this summer. For now, listen to “Just Call” and keep coming back for more news on new music by Bella Thorne. We are very hopeful that there will be more in the coming weeks.

Listen to “Just Call” by Prince Fox and Bella Thorne

Post Author: David Watt