Better Days By One Republic

Single Review+Audio: Better Days By One Republic

One Republic is back with an exciting single yet again. “Better Days” comes just in time as the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeps across the globe.

“Wakin’ up in California, but these clouds don’t go away,” Ryan Tedder gets going. “Every day is like another storm yeah, I’m just tryin’ not to go insane.” The song is super relatable. Don’t Mistake it for a downer, the guys foresee good times ahead with an end to all that’s gone wrong.

“Oh I know there’ll be better days, oh that sunshine bout to come my way,” The vocalist sings on the chorus. “May we never ever shed another tear for today, ‘cause oh I know that there’ll be better days.” So yes there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Ryan while taking to the press revealed that “We were in the final week of our fifth album deadline when a global pandemic was declared by the WHO,” “A few of us unknowingly got exposed to somebody with COVID-19 in London and ended up in quarantine in LA at my studio for two weeks.”

“With only two songs left to finish, one of them happened to be ‘Better Days’” “We write about real experiences and events that happen to us—this is what happens when you write a song during a crisis.”The result is that they’ve produced a great single, while also aiming to raise money for the COVID-19 Relief Fund via MusiCares.Listen to the anthem of hope below

New Single Review+Audio: Better Days By One Republic

Post Author: David Watt