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Demi Lovato Releases Single Shortly [Teasers on Instagram]

Demi Lovato has been teasing her fans on Instagram with her new single. It’s not just the Instagram but she also changed her banner on Twitter to “SNS”. Many fans believe it to be the acronym of her new single. She also posted these letters on her Instagram account, which makes this claim more reasonable.

The words “SNS” could mean anything, to be honest. However, a lot of her fans have theorized that they would eventually mean “Sorry Not Sorry”. This, they believe, would be the title of her next single that would come out pretty soon considering how she has started teasing her fans.

There is strong evidence suggesting that “SNS” could be the intro to her next album. She publically said that she would be doing an album this year that would come out at the end of this year. Then her rapper friend Iggy Azalea tweeted that she had heard some songs from the new album and they sound really good. If she heard those songs, I’m sure Demi Lovato is working on them and “SNS” could clearly mean a new single is about to hit the pop scene soon.

Even if it turns out to be something entirely different and not a single at all, fans shouldn’t be disappointed. Demi is already working on collaborations as you heard the one with Cheat Codes and Jax Jones. I’m sure she would be planning more in the near future.


Post Author: David Watt