Single “Magic Woman” by George Maple – Listen Now + Song Review

George Maple has released a new single titled “Magic Woman.” The Aussie singer is always making us wonder her talents whether she’s only making contributions to others’ songs or blessing us with her own songs. “Magic Woman” is one of those songs where we feel ‘blessed’ to have listened to it.

This new song “Magic Woman” is about walking away from a toxic relationship and finding your way again. In the opening verse of the song, the Aussie singer sings “So I kept myself tight” – an indication of her mindset after ending the relationship. To unwind is to be cruel to yourself so she doesn’t want to go back and think about all the good times she had rather she’d move ahead, drinking from her ‘own wine’ and making strong decisions. It all goes up to the point when she sings the chorus. It’s where she announces to be a ‘magic woman’ and sings “I’m the one you seek.” It’s about the toxic nature of codependency in love and how it changes a person. Based on personal experience, we’re sure this track will help George Maple get massive chart success. Listen to “Magic Woman” below.

Listen To “Magic Woman” by George Maple

Post Author: David Watt