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Single “Come To Brazil” by Why Don’t We

Boy band Why Don’t We has released a new single titled “Why Don’t We” and it already sounds like a summer smash hit. The band made their presence felt last year when they entered the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. That’s the kind of success they’ve tasted with their debut album and it’s the reason we expect so much from them this year. So far, they haven’t disappointed.

After their debut album, the boy band has released six new singles including the hit ‘Big Plans.’ Their last single “Unbelievable” also received good reviews and now within a month, they’ve given us another new single “Come to Brazil.”

This new single is produced by JKash and The Futurists who also co-wrote the song. The song is about having a crush after seeing a girl at a party. It’s all rushed but he can feel his heartbeat running fast after he put her gaze on that girl. She liked his ‘vibe’ and told him about when she’d be going home. Moving towards the urban-sounding chorus, the boys sing “You’re so fine, I might come to Brazil.” Isn’t that the perfect line for the song of the summer? Listen to it below and feel the vibe.

Listen to “Come To Brazil” by Why Don’t We

Post Author: David Watt