anker phone charger

Festival Essentials: Portable phone chargers

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives – something that becomes even more apparent when you’re at a music festival. I literally have no idea how people managed to arrange a meeting with their friends at festivals back in the day, unless of course they were really […]

betron bluetooth speaker

Festival Essentials: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

So far the Festival Essentials series has looked at the best pop-up tents for festivals and cool camping gear. Today we’ll crank it up a notch and look at your best options for campsite entertainment with Bluetooth speakers – so you can listen to some tunes while getting ready in the morning and then get […]

sleeping pod

Festival Essentials: Cool camping gear

The first in our Festival Essentials series covered the best pop up tents for festivals, which was pretty boring but very necessary. Today we can move onto something a bit more fun – cool camping gear! These days camping at festivals doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable ordeal that has to be survived. With the […]

pop up tent

Festival Essentials: Pop-up tents

Days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the football season is over – which all means one thing to music-lovers: festival season is upon us! If you’re one of the millions of people in the UK currently looking forward to hitting a festival this year, then you’re probably starting to think about […]


Is Glastonbury sexist? (Infographic)

Now that the full line-up for this year’s Glastonbury Festival has been revealed, I thought it would make for an interesting study to work out exactly what it takes to be a Glastonbury headliner. I looked at all the Pyramid Stage headliners for the past 15 Glastonbury Festivals (which takes us all the way back […]

Glastonbury resale

Mystery final Glastonbury headliner is ‘one of the biggest-selling bands in the world’ says Michael Eavis

Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis has dropped a big hint about who the final headliner is going to be for this years festival during an interview with the Bristol Post. The initial line-up was revealed earlier this month and confirmed both Arcade Fire and Kasabian as Pyramid Stage headliners for the Friday and Sunday night […]

Glastonbury resale

Glastonbury ticket resale – what you need to know to get tickets

The resale process for Glastonbury 2014 tickets is underway – with coach package tickets going on sale at 7pm this evening. If you’re after coach tickets then click this link to get involved asap: If you’re not after coach tickets and want to know more about the full resale which begins this Sunday (27 […]

elbow beer

Top 10 rock band beers

With the new digital age seeming to take more and more out of a rock bands earning potential, many are looking into new ways to make money – I think business people call it ‘diversifying income streams’, or something. Strangely enough, one of the most popular ‘extra-curricular’ activities for bands at the minute is to […]

Top 10 acoustic guitar songs – ever!

I had the idea to do a post about the best acoustic guitar songs and thought it would be fun to try and put together a list of my favourites. As soon as I started though, the ‘fun’ turned to despair as I had to start choosing which classics to include and which to leave out. It’s not easy, trust me!

After much deliberation, here’s my list of the best acoustic guitar songs ever recorded. Some aren’t strictly acoustic, but they’re all heavily-reliant on an acoustic guitar.

I’d love to know what you guys think so leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom and maybe we can start building a bigger list.

01. Pink Floyd – ‘Wish You Were Here’

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