Ella Vos Turbulence

New Single Review+Official MV: Turbulence By Ella Vos

Ella Vos has been through a lot lately her life has seen substantial ups and downs in this recent couple of years.  In her own words “ The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for me—becoming a mother, fighting cancer and divorce,” the irrepressible songwriter revealed in her recent statement to the press. […]

Issac Dunbar Scorton's Creek

New Single Review+ Official MV: Scorton’s Creek By Issac Dunbar

Issac Dunbar is a singer and songwriter from Cape Cod Massachusetts who had made the spotlight earlier with his intriguing anthem ‘Issac’s Insects’. ‘Onion Boy’ and ‘Body’ Also made waves with the public, but “Scorton’s Creek” is proving to be his best single yet. “I find a scary film to watch.” he croons, “I know […]

Carlie Hanson Daze Inn

New Single Review+Official MV: Daze Inn By Claire Hanson

Edit: The post has been updated watch the official music video below! Clarie Hanson is all set and dropping quality pop songs since early 2017, but she really picked it up and came into her own last year.  The 19 Year old from Wisconsin went from working at McDonald’s to touring with Australian singer/songwriter Troy […]

Scars by Lucas Graham

New Single Review+Official LV: Scars By Lucas Graham

Lukas Graham, the Danish pop band, swayed away from the global charts with their 2015 single called “7 Years”. No time later, another single called “Love Someone” somewhat gave out the same response in 2018. Moreover, “7 Years” remained seven times platinum in the U.S. The music chart-toppers now are giving insights of their fourth […]

Hayley Williams Roses/lotus/violet/iris

New Single Review+Official MV: ‘ROSES/LOTUS/VIOLET/IRIS’ By Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams chose International Women’s Day (8th March 2020) to public the lyrics of her new single called “ROSES/LOTUS/VIOLET/IRIS”. It hit right in the feels because Petals for Armor (Part II) shares the true essence of women empowerment and feminism. “Think of all the wilted women”, she calls upon women in the second verse of […]

Dua Lipa Feat Hwa Sa

New Music: Physical K-pop remix by Dua Lipa(Feat Hwa Sa)

Dua Lipa is quite clearly the undisputed pop-queen of 2020. “Don’t start Now” continues climbing its way up the Billboard Hot 100(currently at number two), while the momentum behind ‘Physical’ also continues to pick up.  The songstress’s bop is definitely going to enjoy another round of popularity with the k-pop remix that dropped yesterday(March 18).  […]

Who I am Melanie C

New Single Review+Official MV: Who I am by Melanie C

While All other Spice Girls are busy counting their cash between reunion tours, Melanie C never hit the brakes on her music career. Mel has released seven studio albums and also a long list of collaborations and stand-alone singles.  She is now back with her new single ‘Who I am’ it was released today(19 March) […]

Niall Horan Heartbreak Weather

New Music Review+Official MV: ‘Heartbreak Weather’ and ‘No Judgement’ by Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s LP ‘Heartbreak weather’ just dropped(13 March) The album is really a treat to listen to, from the beginning to the very end.  The former One Direction hitmaker is now getting in some last-minute promos by releasing a bunch of videos. Visuals for the title track also arrived this Friday and they looked like […]