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New Single: “Last Dance” by Dua Lipa

The 20-year old London-born rising artist who hit the fame last year, Dua Lipa, has released a new single titled “Last Dance”. This single announces her to the music industry as she is now ready to officially launch herself. I bet she will be getting a lot of following this year as she sounds a lot like mini-Rihanna. She’s got a powerful voice that has the emotional vulnerability evident but stays powerful at the same, making her sound extremely magnetic.

Dua Lipa got a lot of attention when she released her previous single “Be The One”. That single passed out somewhat quietly on the charts but it had some great glossy pop synths. The music video got massive three million views and Lipa was picked for BBC Sound of 2016 list.

Her new single “Last Dance”, co-written by Talay Riley and Dua and produced by Koz, is a perfect single to start the new year with a bang. The flirty pop synths are cathcy Lipa’s vocals easily lead the dance-heavy production. The single is a sure-fire hit.

Listen to “Last Dance” by Dua Lipa – Official Audio

Post Author: David Watt