Lady Gaga Performs US National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 Like A True Diva

Lady Gaga is a true diva and she proved it once again at the Superbowl 50 by performing the U.S. National Anthem in front of a huge crowd. She was flawless and every word came out straight from the heart. The performance was so powerful that it drew thousands of people to social media to praise miss Gaga for her wonderful performance.

Everything about the performance was perfect. Lady Gaga wore a red suit and looked elegant. She was accompanied by a pianist on stage. A group of volunteers held the national flag in the backdrop while miss Gaga delivered the lyrics effortlessly, dressed in heavy emotions.

It’s never easy to follow in the footsteps of Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera but Lady Gaga definitely came with preparation. While talking about her preparations, she said that she learnt what lyrics mean and sang the anthem from her heart, which is the reason the anthem came out so pure, honest, and powerful – just the way national anthem should sound.

Lady Gaga, accompanied by her mother, enjoyed the Super Bowl to the fullest. Among various moments that she loved about the event, her favorite one was when she closed the anthem, looked up and saw jets fly overhead in a formation. You can watch her performance below.

Watch Lady Gaga perform U.S. National Anthem on Super Bowl 50

Post Author: David Watt