Single Review: “Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic

OneRepublic have premiered their new single titled “Wherever I Go” on iHeartRadio on 12 May. It eventually released on 13 May via iTunes. The song is influenced by Miike Snow song and it’s the lead single from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album. This forthcoming album will be released via Interscope in the last quarter 2016.

When talking about the song, Ryan Tedder told fans that he had been a huge fan of Miike Snow and wanted to do something similar to him. He told the fans that they could find some similarities between band’s new music and Miike Snow’s song. The song has a lot of high notes, as admitted by Ryan. Due to a fancy deal with radios, the song will be on Top 40 radio for first two weeks.

Although OneRepublic has recorded a lot of music, they have never recorded anything like this before. It’s a fresh song and it’s kind of exciting. Ryan has also done a great job with vocals, making “Wherever I Go” nearly perfect. To be honest, you will have to listen to this song in order to find out what’s this all about.

This is unlike anything OneRepublic’s recorded in the past! And I love it! Production is EVERYTHING – it’s fresh, and it’s exciting. And THAT combined with Ryan’s perfect, on-the-money vocals offers a killer equation. It’s time you listen to this little gem and appreciate the rendition. Listen to “Wherever I Go” below.

Listen to “wherever I Go” by OneRepublic

Post Author: David Watt