Music Video: “Wrist” by Chris Brown

Chris Brown has decided to continue with the story he from “Back To Sleep” music video that he premiered last week. His new music video for single “Wrist” starts where “Back To Sleep” ends. Breezy Boy walks out of her girls apartment after making out with her and getting back to sleep. While wandering in the […]

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Watch Chris Brown Dancing in “Privacy” Music Video

If you want to see Chris Brown dancing and flirting in skinny jeans, you gotta see his latest “Privacy” music video. It’s the video you’d want to watch over and again if you enjoy hypnotic music videos. It’s probably the best that you’ve seen so far. I’m sure you are going to love this MV […]


Music Review: Ray J and Chris Brown released their “Famous” Track

After watching the naked wax figure of Kanye West in his music video for “Famous”, Ray J probably got pissed and wanted to give a really harsh response. The R&B singer Ray J recorded a song “Famous” in collaboration with his old-time pal Chris Brown. The track is about slamming and dissing Kim Kardashian (Who […]


New Music: Chris Brown released a new mixtape “Attack the Block”

Chris Brown has dropped another mixtape “Attack the Block” on October 28th, 2016. Earlier this year, Chris Brown released a mix tape called “Before Da Trap: Nights in Tarzana.” His focus on mix tapes is probably delaying the release of his most-awaited eighth full-length album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon.” The mixtape “Attack the Block” […]

New Music: “What Would You Do?” by Chris Brown

“What Would You Do?” is the new song from Chris Brown. Since all the eyes are on him right now, it seemed like a perfect time to release new music. We know, Chris always recognizes such situations and capitalizes them. This time, it was no exception as the Breezy Boy gave his audience new music […]