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Watch Chris Brown Dancing in “Privacy” Music Video

If you want to see Chris Brown dancing and flirting in skinny jeans, you gotta see his latest “Privacy” music video. It’s the video you’d want to watch over and again if you enjoy hypnotic music videos. It’s probably the best that you’ve seen so far. I’m sure you are going to love this MV and you won’t  even blink your eyes.

This new single “Privacy” is going to be included in Chris’ upcoming eighth studio album titled “Heartbreak On A Full Moon”. Chris hasn’t said anything about the release date of this album yet but he is doing a lot of stuff to promote it.

Chris released this new single a few weeks back and promoted it. Now he has released the official music video on VEVO. But promotion for “Privacy” won’t end here. With this video out, fans really wanna see Chris on TV live performing this song.

Chris is seen in a casino going after sexy girls. The girl he is going after is really hot and she’s going to her room upstairs. Chris follows her to her room and as he looks through the door, he enters a new world  that is totally different domension. In this new world, Chris keeps following her girl who moves as if she’s dancing. Mr. Breezy, who is kind of lost in this fantasy world, starts dancing to the tunes, showing us some of the best dance moves that we’ve seen from him so far. You gotta see the music video yourself to know how Chris delivers these sexy dance moves in a hypnotic world.

Watch “Privacy” by Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt