Music Video: “Drifting” by G-Easy Featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez

G-Eazy has released the official music video for his new single “Drifting”. The single features Chris Brown and Tory Lanez and both make appearance in the music video as well. This single was first premiered on Coachella this year when G-Eazy made his debut on the first day of the festival.

It looks as if 2016 is going to be a great year for G-Eazy. Everything he touched this year has turned into gold. He first come out with a pop ballad with Bebe Rexha titled “Me, Myself & I” and it turned out to be a massive hit. The song is so popular right now that it is playing on every pop radio. In fact, it’s the most-played song ever since it’s been on radio. It’s that kind of a radio-friendly pop anthem.

But that wasn’t the only success that G-Eazy has this year. He also made his debut at Coachella this year when he performed in front of a jam packed crowd. The best thing about his debut was that his performance came on the first day of the Coachella. Everyone loved it and they wanted G-Eazy to make a video for it. So here is the video now. You can watch it below.

Watch Music Video For “Drifting” by G-Eazy Featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez

Post Author: David Watt