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New Music: Masters In France – ‘Fall Down’

What do you get if you cross the howling vocals of Caleb Followhill with the effortlessly delicate rhythm of The Police? Thanks to hotly tipped new band Masters In France we finally get an answer to this age old question, in the form of their new, free to download single, ‘Fall Down’:

The more we listen to it, that Police reference doesn’t really make sense. It kind of sounded a bit like The Police when we first heard it, but as ‘Fall Down’ develops it becomes a lot deeper and textured that anything Sting and co. ever did. Another of their songs we found on Soundcloud, ‘Mad Hatter’, plays the same trick as sounding a bit like Police before pulling the rug from your feet and coming on all heavy – so maybe it’s just their way of doing things:

It’s certainly an effective tactic though, and it makes for great little indie-pop songs with a darker edge. Masters In France are currently about half-way through a massive tour of the UK and parts of France, for more information on them and where you can catch them live follow the handy links below:

Masters In France website (where you can get your free download of ‘Fall Down’)

Masters In France Facebook Page

Masters In France Soundcloud

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