Listen to a snippet of Nick Jonas song “Looking For Love”

I’m a lot of you have been waiting for new Nick Jonas music. It’s finally here. We can now listen to a snippet of his new song titled “Looking For Love”. This new song indicates a major milestone for Nick who is planning to release his new album a year after releasing the hit album “Last Year Was Complicated”. The new album will come out in 2017. Now that’s called working fast and with devotion.

But Nick didn’t give us a long preview but just a few seconds of his new song. This new song “Looking For Love” sounds really good in this few second long snippet. Nick previewed this snippet via Snapchat. It includes video snaps recovered by fans, which is probably the easiest way to preview a new song these days. Just use the clips that fans have recorded and make it look like a fan tribute.

Although you can only listen to 20 seconds of this song, you will still be able to tell that it’s a dark song. It offers realness and has a hard-hitting beat. I’m confident that when the full song comes out, everyone is going to fall in love with it. I personally like the direction Nick has chosen for his next album. Listen to the snippet of “Looking For Love” below.

Listen to “Looking For Love” by Nick Jonas (20-second Snippet)

Post Author: David Watt