Watch Music Video: “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has finally premiered the much-anticipated music video for her latest single “Cry Pretty”. The music video came out on YouTube and it has received exceptional feedback ever since. I’m sure it will easily become one of the most-watched Carrie Underwood music video if it keeps racking up views at the pace its doing at the time of writing this review.

“Cry Pretty” is a powerful and emotional ballad where our favorite country queen sings about delicate emotions. The track will become part of her sixth studio album, which will come out in 2018 but Carrie or her label hasn’t announced any release date for the album yet.

In the music video for “Cry Pretty”, you will see Carrie Underwood performing her song on stage. The venue is full, with no seat left for taking. You will also see her walking on the streets and interacting with people. During all this time, you notice one obvious thing about her – that’s her confidence. She feels powerful about herself although she is hurt from inside. But she doesn’t let her emotions take over. She stays strong. But then you see her crying – you see her inside, her emotions that were resting inside her all this time. It’s a great music video that you will love. Carrie Underwood is simply perfect in this visual. You will like her range of expressions. Give it a try below.

Watch “Cry Pretty” Music Video by Carrie Underwood

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz