Nolita View EP You may remember a band called Fez from a few years ago, who popped up, sounded promising (particularly their track ‘Lowlight’) and then disappeared again? Well they’re back with a new purpose and a¬†better new name. Now called Nolita View (takien from a song by The...

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Fancy a slinky slice of Ladytron-esque electro pop? Course you do! Check out ‘Heartbreak Hi’ by Avec Sans: Avec Sans are London-based electro duo Alice Fox and Jack St James, and ‘Heartbreak Hi’ is there first ‘original’ track, building on that all important ‘buzz’ created by their re-styling of...

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Remember the good old days of Britpop when the music world was full of five-piece bands from the North, swaggering around with their Mod hair-do’s and flicking cigarette butts everywhere? If you do, then Sheffield band Kartica will seem very familiar to you. Whether you like them or not...

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