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Music Video + Review: “To Someone Else” By Kacy Hill

Remember Kacy Hill? She was once considered the ‘next big thing’ in the pop world and yet she has faded away. Nevertheless, she’s back with a banger titled “To Someone Else.”

Kacy released her first album back in 2015 with Kanye West‘s label G.O.O.D Music and followed it up with another album in 2017. Unfortunately, Kacy didn’t feel at home and asked the label to release her from the contract. Why so? Because she wasn’t making the kind of music she wanted. She was more concerned about what other people thought about her music even before she’d hear it herself. It’s never good for an artist when he or she is surviving in that kind of space. I think Kacy made the right decision to back out, take a break, and do music as an independent artist.

The track “To Someone Else” showcases Kacy’s talent like never before. It’s the kind of music she always wanted to make. Since she is happy with her music now, she has also given us a music video for the new song. It’s directed by Chuck Grant. Watch it below.

New Music Video “To Someone Else” By Kacy Hill

Post Author: David Watt