PALMAS Song, “Where Are You Going”. Stream Now:

The New York Based Rock and alt-pop band, “PALMAS” has delivered a new song titled, “Where Are You Going?”. This is the Group’s first release after 2017’s single, “Floating In The Dark”. The Band consists of five members including, “Andrew Torre”,”Adam Cantiello”,”Eric Camarota”, “Matt Young” and “Kurt Cain”.

Where Are You Going? will be included in Groups’s upcoming album which is not given any title yet and also the official dates are not announced. The new song was premiered exclusively on Atwood Magazine but is know available on all the digital platforms.

The band’s music is a blend of “The Papas and The mamas” and “The Phoenix” and so this new song is. The lyrics are about the hard times they have had. They are about their mothers when they adopted 8 children and how they struggled to give those children a happy life. This song is a whole long story!

Listen to The PALMAS’ New Song, “Where Are You Going?”:

The Frontman of the band talked to the media about the song and said, “The lyrics to our song Where are you Going? were inspired by my Mothers. Together, they adopted 8 children and sacrificed their entire previous lives to take care of us.”

Post Author: David Watt