Ali Gatie

Single Review: “Say To You” By Ali Gatie + Music Video

The R&B singer Ali Gatie has premiered a new single titled “Say To You.” This emotional bop could easily be her second massive hit this year as she gave us “It’s You” earlier that went on to become a global hit and earned over 200 streams on Spotify.

The song “Say To You” is another track from Ali’s debut LP. The singer is thinking and talking about his ex on this track. He starts by telling her the harsh truth “I can’t even lie, want you by my side.” He then talks about how he has become empty after she left him “You left me empty and it’s something I can’t hide.” The song continues as the singer reveals his emotions about he feels about this situation – being alone and being unable to sleep. But that’s probably not the biggest issue here. “They know that I miss you, so I wonder how you don’t,” sings about the thing that’s causing him an emotional attack – how everyone knows but she doesn’t care.

The chorus is special as the 22-year-old singer concludes saying “Don’t know what to say to you, everything’s okay to you.” It’s a beautiful song we also got a music video with it and you can’t miss it. Give it a try below.

Watch Official Music Video “Say To You” By Ali Gatie

Post Author: David Watt