Calum Scott Song, “No Matter What”. Listen Now:

The English Singer and Songwriter, “Calum Scott” is about to release the special edition of his debut album, “Only Human”. The album was originally released back in March, but the upcoming special edition will be shared on 30th of November.

The new edition of the album will be having a few more songs including, “Need To Know”, “Soro Eyes”, “White Christmas” and this new song titled, “No Matter What”.

“No Matter What” is a quite personal song. The British singer wants to express that how afraid he was to reveal the fact that he was a gay. He sings about the reaction of people when he accepted publicly that he was a gay. He wants to tell that his parents of course still love him.

Listen To Calum Scott’s New Song, “No Matter What”:

Calum Scott talked to the media about the song and he said, “‘No Matter What’ is without question the most personal song I have ever written and the one I am most proud of”. He added, “It’s a song born from loneliness, acceptance and the heart-breaking but liberating tale of my coming out experience”.

Post Author: David Watt