Charlie XCX is working on her upcoming mixtape titled “Pop 2″ and it seems as if this mixtape is going to serve Charlie really well. You just gotta listen to her latest song “Unlock It” to understand what I really mean. The song “Unlock It” is the latest song that...

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Hello, our Spanish readers, surprise! We have got the lyrics of new Spanis version of ‘Havana’ for you. Since the song is breaking all the previous records and writing a new history for Camila, we thought to bless you with the lyrics. Lyrics of Havana (Spanish Version) Hey [Chorus:...

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Eminem and Beyonce’s new song Walk On Water has been the new sensation since its release. Fans are crazily in love with the song. The song talks about the insecurities and expectations. We have written down its lyrics for you guys. Enjoy! The Lyrics Chorus: Beyoncé] I walk on...

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