New Music: “Rebels” by Ina Wroldsen

Ina Wroldsen, who is known for her songwriting skills, has made a transition from a songwriter to a pop singer. Although this transition isn’t always easy, as obvious from efforts of some, it looks like the perfect path for Ina Wroldsen. We have seen Meghan Trainor do the same before and we are hopeful that […]

Music Review: “God Bless Our Souls” by Morgan Saint

Morgan Saint has released a new track titled “God Bless Our Souls” and it’s a gem. It’s pouring with originality when it’s something we rarely find in new music these days. Morgan also released two EPs recently, each being a gem and worth listening. When you listen to “God Bless Our Souls”, you’d instantly recognize […]

Listen to “Medellín” By Madonna Featuring Maluma

Madonna is back and she has started a new era. The first taste of her new album Madame X dropped yesterday titled “Medellin.” Madonna has brought the Colombian singer Maluma on this song since the song borrows some elements from reggae. Madonna wants to go back in time with this song. In the song, she […]

Single Review: “Far From Heaven” by JoJo

“Far From Heaven” by JoJo surfaced online last week and it has been creating a lot of buzz ever since. The track is so powerful that it is going to make you want to go back to the Church, ask Lord for forgiveness and be Lord’s loyal servant for rest of your life. Do you […]

“Put It Up” by Rihanna & Chris Brown

“Put It Up” is the new collaboration from Rihanna and Chris Brown. This casual collaboration is was originally recorded when “Nobody’s Business” was recorded and Rihanna had the track since 2012 album “Unapologetic”. The track was originally planned to be released as a part of Chris Brown’s 2013 album “Carpe Diem”. That album could never […]