Music Video: “Good Girls” by Elle King

Elle King has premiered the official music video for her rock and soul track “Good Girls”. The song is actually soundtrack of the upcoming movie “Ghostbusters”. The full soundtrack will be released the same day when the movie will hit the theaters.

The music video for “Good Girls” is directed by Dano Cerny and it has a predominantly “Ghostbusters” theme as expected. There is some footage in the video that you haven’t seen so far even in the movie trailers. Elle is also in there with her hair colored blue. She is looking badass and wild. I’m sure you’d love her personality as it perfectly matches the video theme.

The video opens with ghosts terrorizing people at a bar. Elle is there and she seems to be someone who can take care of these ghosts. When she finds out that people are really getting scary now, she decided to take action. She takes out her ghost-busting tool and starts to take care of the ghosts. She won’t do it the routine way as you’d see her wildly playing her guitar and dancing on the floor. She drinks and plays pool while taking care of ghosts. That’s cool way to bust ghosts for sure. I’m hopeful that the movie will also have similar badass attitude as we see in the music video.

It’s a great music video with a lot of content and wildness to enjoy. You can watch it below.

Watch Music Video “Good Girls” by Elle King

Post Author: David Watt