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Single Review + Official MV: ‘This is Us’ by Jimmie Allen, Noah Cyrus

In a very short span of time, Noah Cyrus has made it big and proved that she has what it takes to make it big.

 Producing some good music whether Club bangers or Hip-hop, She jumps from genre to genre like a musical transformer. She has just decided to touchdown in the country genre.

She has teamed up with Jimmie Allen, Who has delivered a huge hit on country radio with “Make Me Want To”.

“This Is Us” is a song about finding love at the right time, “I used to push my luck, I used to fill my cup,” Jimmie hums at the start of the song. “Yeah, I used to be  known for dumb things”

Noah similarly has no luck going for her in her romantic endeavour. “All I know is love ain’t simple,” she croons. “It finds you all alone when you’re unassembled.” They find one another at the chorus. “If only back then we’d have been together, but it was just you and that was just me,” they both sing together “Before we found love, now this is us.” 

This duet has a great chance of taking off. Its the type of song that could instantly lift up your mood, Radios love to play this kind of music. Watch the music video below

New Single Review+Official MV: ‘This is Us’ by Jimmie Allen, Noah Cyrus

Post Author: David Watt