Watch Britney Spears Performing In Tel Aviv for 60K Crowd

Britney Spears can still attract massive crowds. She has proved it recently in Tel Aviv, Israel, during her last performance of “Piece of Me” tour. She spent an entire month in Asia. When her team moved to the final destination, they were met with a spectacle. Imagine 60,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv to watch Britney Spears. That’s what you call a real international pop artist.

Isn’t that simply amazing?

Even if Britney Spears didn’t anticipate such a massive crowd in Tel Aviv, the government already had the idea as they built a special stage for her. The stage was at Yarkon Park where Britney thrilled her fans with her hits. If you see the concert or check some photos, you will notice that there was a sea of people despite the fact that the venue wasn’t an enclosed stadium.

Britney, with 60k tickets sold, became the only artist to deliver her final performance in Israel in front of such a massive crowd. Now that’s an honor that Britney won’t forget for rest of her music career. You can watch the footage of Britney on the concert. Just notice the fans chanting and you will love everything about this concert. It’s a dream come true for Britney fans.

Watch Britney Spears Perform in Tel Aviv in Front of 60,000 People

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz