the streets going through hell

The Streets Single – Going Through Hell

Mike Skinner begins his victory lap as The Streets with ‘Going Through Hell’,  the first single from his final album Computer And Blues – and it seems he’s intent on going out in style. In direct contrast to the scratchy and rushed songs he’s been putting out on his website, ‘Going Through Hell’ is a […]

the streets album review

The Streets album review – Computers And Blues

  The Streets – ‘Computers And Blues’ The world is a very different place now than the one Mike Skinner eloquently depicted in his wildly inventive and distinctive 2002 debut, Original Pirate Material.  Since then we’ve had recession, terrorist attacks, wars, a new Tory government and the inexorable rise of the internet and social networking.  […]

Our most anticipated albums of 2011

 Top 10 albums of 2011 While everyone is busy looking back at 2010, listing everything from the best albums to catchiest choruses and best intros, us forward-thinking people at All-Noise prefer to keep our eyes fixed on the future. We’ve been busy scouring the darkest corners of the internet and, erm, record label release […]