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best albums of 2011 

Top 10 albums of 2011

While everyone is busy looking back at 2010, listing everything from the best albums to catchiest choruses and best intros, us forward-thinking people at All-Noise prefer to keep our eyes fixed on the future. We’ve been busy scouring the darkest corners of the internet and, erm, record label release schedules, to bring you a list of what we think will be the albums that end up defining 2011.

Radiohead – TBA

A new Radiohead album is always likely to get us excited. After the initial hubbub over the distribution of In Rainbows died down, it became clear that Radiohead are still very much on top of their game. So although no official release has been announced for their follow-up, there has been enough talk coming out of the Radiohead camp to whet our appetites and make us expect something very special in 2011.

Arctic Monkeys – TBA

There’s been no solid news as yet, so were just speculating here. But seeing as they’ve released three albums since their record-breaking debut in 2006, it’s safe to assume the prolific Sheffield four-some will be itching to get a new album out at some point in 2011. They’ve already hinted that they are keen to be reunited with Josh Homme on producing duties – which is enough to get us more than a little excited!

U2 – Songs Of Ascent

U2 are back, back, back in 2011! Although they haven’t really gone away, the critical mauling their last album received has seen them disappear from the limelight with their tails between their legs. While that might be enough to crush the spirit of lesser bands, U2 are set to come out fighting this year – with a new album and a headline slot at Glastonbury. Therefore, whether you like them or not, Dublin’s finest will be all over the place in 2011!

Beady Eye – TBA

While their recent download only single was greeted with a lukewarm response, the collective rush to download it as soon as it was available tells us one thing – the music loving public just can’t wait to answer that age old question: “would Oasis be any good without Noel?” With Beady Eye’s album due out in spring 2011, we’ll soon find out.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

The newly crowned Queen of Pop is set to continue her bid for world dominance with one of the most anticipated albums of 2011. The buzz for this album is already starting to hot up, with Lady Gaga heralding it as ‘the album of the decade’. With the first single out in February, we won’t have to wait long to find out how accurate her boasts are. As she’s been responsible for some of the most distinctive and inventive pop music in recent memory, who would bet against Born This Way living up to all expectations?

Dr. Dre – Detox

There’s always a bit of time in between Dr Dre albums. He took seven years to follow-up The Chronic with 2001, and now, twelve years later, he’s getting ready to drop Detox. His detractors will tell you this is because he has nothing much to say, and so waits long enough to get away with yet another album full of ‘I’m back in the game’ rhetoric. Whether you believe that or not though, you can’t deny that each of his albums have been hip hop classics – his knack for breaking new talent, from Snoop to Eminem and 50 Cent, also helps his albums dominate the pop landscape long after their release.

The Strokes – TBA

The former darlings of the alternative music scene have had a bit of a dip in fortunes in recent years. The law of diminishing returns seems to be the best term to describe their output since their stunning debut album was released in 2001. And with the recording sessions for this new album rumoured to be ‘strained’, the odds on The Strokes coming out with a masterpiece appear to be slim. However, when on form the New York five-piece have the potential to be one of the most exciting bands on the planet.

The Streets – Computers And Blues

It’s rumoured that this album will be Mike Skinner’s swan-song as The Streets – if true, that on it’s own means Computers And Blues will be one of the most significant and highly anticipated albums of 2011. Factor in Skinner’s current obsession with recording Twitter influenced songs in a day, and you have the makings of one of the most original albums in recent memory.

Foo Fighters – TBA

2011 promises to be yet another massive year for Foo Fighters. A new festival headlining slot seems to be announced every day – Isle of Wight and T in the Park the most recent announcements. On top of that they’ve got their own mini-festival to attend to in Milton Keynes. So it’s safe to assume their new as yet untitled album will be dominating 2011’s festival season.

White Lies – Ritual

Before they released their debut album, To Lose My Life, back in 2008, White Lies were lauded as the next Joy Division. Taking their lead from the likes of Interpol and Editors, their predilection for dark themes (who else would open their debut album with a song called ‘Death’!?) and pulsating, sing-a-long choruses turned them into the most hyped new band since the Arctic Monkeys. Set to be unleashed in January, their second album should see them deliver on the early promise and become one of the best bands around. Check out first single ‘Bigger Than Us‘ for a taster!.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

All-Noise was founded in 2010 with just one simple aim – to highlight and celebrate ‘proper music’, made by real people with real musical inspirations.

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