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Finally Camila Cabello Delivers Her Last Performance as Member of Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello has finally left Fifth Harmony. It was obvious that she wasn’t happy with the other group members and wanted to leave the group. A few people were already saying that but no one believed them. Now that Camila has given her last performance as a member of the band, it’s time to say her goodbye for good.

But it wasn’t anything surprising for her other group members who released a joint statement saying that Camila is no more a member of the group. The statement from four band members stated that the band has come to know of Camila’s decision through her representative. After giving the news, the band thanked their fans for supporting them through these four years and wished Camila success in her future career.

Now it’s your last chance to see Camila perform with Fifth Harmony. She gave her last performance at Miami Jingle Ball 2016. This last performance in Miami will definitely become the most iconic performance of the band due to its significance. However, this performance only lasted for 15 minutes when fans wanted it to last forever.

Although it was supposed to be an emotional affair but it turned out to be a rather straight one. The band shouted “Thank you Miami” and wished the crowd happy holidays before parting with them. Camila was flat emotionally and so were the other members. No one gave anyone a hug and there seemed nothing special that would remind us that it was their last concert. It felt like a routine concert more than anything else. The way this performance ended probably announced it publically that the band girls had no idea about Camila leaving the group until the moment when she informed other members through her representatives. You can listen to the last performance now.

Watch Camila Cabello perform on stage with Fifth Harmony for the LAST time

Post Author: David Watt