Imagine Dragons-Natural-Music Video

“Imagine Dragons” Music Video For Their Super Hit Track “Natural”.

Imagine Dragons released a single “Natural” on 17th of July this year. “Natural” is a super hit and it already has been taken for ESPN’s college football season.

The American Pop Rock Band decided not to compromise the music video for their superheated song “Natural”. So, they have come up with the best music video.

Although they have taken some time while producing the video and dropping it on the digital platforms but they have nailed it. I think it could not have been better than this.

The Video to Imagine Dragons’ “Natural” is premiered last night (Aug 24) on their YouTube channel and is absolutely stunning. The video has already been trending at number two on YouTube. Could you believe? Just after a few hours of its release, the video has been watched almost 2 million times.

The video is dark-themed where you will see Dan Reynolds digging a grave. And also some supportive characters having brutality on their face . You will find a lead lady who is afraid of something all the time in the video.

Watch Imagine Dragons New Music Video to Their Song “Natural”

Post Author: David Watt