Watch Alicia Keys Perform at UEFA Champions League Final 2016

Alicia Keys performed at the UEFA Champions League Final 2016 and it wasn’t the right idea to be honest. She doesn’t come closer to delivering a memorable performance for a soccer crowd. On top of it, the performance gave the impression that UEFA is probably trying to Americanize UEFA – a really bad idea.

But this doesn’t mean there was something wrong with Alicia’s performance. She did her thing right and delivered a powerful and honest performance. Her mini-concert included “Empire State of Mind”, “Girl On Fire” and “In Common“. The stage looked great with all the dancers around. It was good to be honest but probably it wasn’t so for UEFA Finals.

This concert might have been a hit at an All-Stars game in the US but Europe is different, especially when it’s about football/soccer. With odds at 50/50 for both teams, Alicia Keys’ performance did do any good to the crowd who probably had no idea about her music. Majority of them were listening to her for the first time in their life. If you could look at their faces, you’d see how everyone wanted the mini-concert to end and the soccer game to start.

Time to watch the performance. You can judge it yourself.

Watch Alicia Keys Performance at UEFA League Final 2016

Post Author: David Watt