Album Review: Funeral Suits – ‘Lily Of The Valley’

Funeral Suits – Lily Of The Valley

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Irish four-piece Funeral Suits have been on my radar since I heard their dreamy and confident debut single ‘Colour Fade’ last year. But a good, exciting single is one thing, the real test of a new band is how well they can put together a debut album. Happily Funeral Suits, with legendary Blur and The Smiths producer Stephen Street on board, have managed to put together an engaging, dramatic debut album which drifts from haunting and hypnotic to powerful and passionate.

Along with ‘Colour Fade’, the second single ‘Health’ also stands out – with its epic guitar line and tribal drums making for a strong early statement of intent.

As well as the heavy stuff, Funeral Suits can also do delicate and ethereal.’Hands Down’ runs off a gently picked guitar line and nice vocal harmonies, ‘We Only Attack Ourselves’ is an acoustic number designed for the camp fire and ‘I Still Love The High’ is an atmospheric album closer.

While these ‘slower’ songs are good and show off Funeral Suits’ range, Lily Of The Valley really shines when it cuts loose a bit more. Latest single ‘All Those Friendly People’ is a jingly jangly future festival favourite, ‘Adventures/Misadventures’ adds some welcome grungy guitar into the mix and my personal favourite, ‘Stars Are Spaceships’ is an ambitious mix of ambitious psych-rock and youthful naivety.

Listen to Lily Of The Valley below and let me know what you think…

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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