Listen To “Not So Bad In LA” by Allie X

Allie X is on a journey and she isn’t going to end it any time soon. Her latest song “Not So Bad In LA” is another dark pop anthem that will easily become one of her best. The hitmaker earlier gave us “Sanctuary’, which turned out to be an amazing track. Now she continues serving high-quality music as she drops her latest single “Not So Bad In LA”.

The track is about LA where Allie X has been living during the last four years. This new tack definitely shows us her perspective on the fast-paced life of this urban jungle. Her experiences are worth sharing with fans and that’s the reason she decided to bring out this song. I’m totally in love with it and I feel like it’s going to another major hit.

She got the inspiration when she was driving someday in LA and she suddenly realized that it wasn’t so bad here. That’s when the line ‘no so bad in LA’ came to her and she decided to make a full song about it. I like how she notes down her inspirations and then turns them into catchy songs.

Now with this song out, we are seeing a new side of Allie X, musically. She is exploring new fronts and using her personal experiences to give depth to her songs. I’m sure her latest song will bring her a lot of recognition. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Not So Bad In LA” by Allie X

Post Author: David Watt