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Watch 14-Minute Video: ‘Norman F***ing Rockwell’ By Lana Del Rey

God put extra care into his work while creating Lana Del Rey. Such a gorgeous spirit and you see it as you watch her 14-minute long music video covering her three songs from ‘Norman F**ing Rockwell.’ The music video is directed by Chuck Grant and Lana edited it herself like she was doing at the beginning of her career. The video features “Bartender” and “Happiness Is A Butterfly” from her ‘Norman F**ing Rockwell’ album.

The music video opens with Lana playing on the piano. She then walks outside and looks at the world through her magical sunglasses. You look at her reality through a world that she created. It sets up the video to move to “Bartender.” She ends the video with “Happiness Is A Butterfly.”

It has been an action-packed year and she has already announced her future projects including an exciting new spoken-word album. For now, you have this new gift from her. Although it’s a 14-minute long video, you wouldn’t want it to end. Watch “Norman F**ing Rockwell” below.

Watch ‘Norman F***ing Rockwell’ By Lana Del Rey

Post Author: Harvey Dyer