Single Review: “Back To You” by Mollie King

Mollie King, of the UK girl group named The Saturdays, has gone solo for the first time with her debut single “Back To You”. Since the band isn’t doing any music these days, it seemed like a perfect time for Mollie to start her solo career. She is the same girl who was one dating Prince Harry. If that’s not a reason enough to become her fan, I’m sure her new single will aspire you to chase Mollie on her solo road.

Mollie King was seen as a potential solo artist by the UK-based record company Island Records who offered her a deal. Now that she has finally put the signature on this deal, it was a perfect time to release the first solo single. “Back To You” is that track.

“Back To You” is a synth-pop track where you hear Mollie complaining about an old relationship that’s difficult to forget. It was an odd relationship and Mollie never felt cared and loved. Now that the relationship has ended, the pain is still there and Mollie can’t get rid of it. She is finding it almost impossible to come out of this relationship now. Now she is finding it impossible to get rid of the bad memories from that time as she sings in the chorus of the song.

“Back To You” is a decent song and I bet you are going to appreciate Mollie for taking the solo jump into a new career. She can adapt to different song situations and therefore extend her vocals range. Although this song may not become a mega hit, launching Mollie on the international stage, it could actually become a highlight of the things to come from this new solo artist. Time to listen to her first solo single now.

Listen to “Back To You” by Mollie King

Post Author: David Watt