New Music – “Levels” by Nick Jonas

Talented 22-year old Nick Jonas is getting ready to re-release his debut solo album with release of a new track “Levels”. His debut album was a massive hit, loaded with hit singles such as “Jealous”.

Nick Jonas made the perfect move by releasing “Levels” this week and making it available for download as he will be performing this single at VMAs next week. If the song catches up some momentum, he will have a big hit at VMAs but even if it doesn’t sell a lot, Nick will have a huge chance to push it by delivering a mesmerizing performance at the VMAs.

“Levels” is a perfect lead single. It has a nice vintage house dance beat, making the track very modern and addictive. Nick has also impressed us with his vocals. He has delivered nearly perfect high and low notes in this rendition. When he mixes up high and low notes, he does it with control and therefore always stays on top. This single is definitely something Nick Jonas can be proud of. It’s a surefire hit.

This new single was released on Friday morning on iTunes. You can buy it from the store or simply listen to it in full below.

Listen “Levels” by Nick Jonas – Full Audio

Post Author: David Watt