Watch “Phantasy” By KIITA

KIITA is only 16 and yet she is making headlines with her music. She released a new single this week titled “Phantasy” and it’s as good as her previous smash hit “Messed Up.”

The 16-year old singer showed everyone that she is incredibly talented when she released her debut EP titled “Let’s Commit A Robbery.” She is currently signed to Chris Anoukute’s company.

This new song is a blast. “I’m on sick of all this drinking” she announces her mood and further explains how tired she is because of being “Failed by you.” She feels as if she is tired and done with all this thinking. She feels she’s acting as if she is being blinded and the reason is her partner. Nevertheless, she is now tired of doing this over and over again. But still, she is falling in love with him in his fantasy. But she also thinks that he is breaking her heart somewhere in the fantasy as well. It’s a powerful track so give it a listen below and keep your fingers closed for more music from KIITA.

Listen To “Phantasy” By KIITA

Post Author: David Watt