This weeks single releases – 20 August

Single Reviews – 20 August

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Deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way – ’Professional Griefers’

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The combination between Deadmau5 and the lead singer of My Chemical Romance is an unexpected one but one that works surprisingly well. The dance vibes of Deadmau5’s production suits having Way’s angry rocky vocals thrust on the top even if the word-by-word delivery sounds like the vocals are being delivered by some advanced vocal software. The lack of a distinctive chorus and anything to hook on lets the track down but the partnership is a refreshing one and the electronic style of the piece is satisfyingly chunky and tangible even if it does sound like several riffs tied tenuously together and loses its attraction as it stretches past the two-minute mark. An interesting change of direction for Gerard Way and one which I don’t think he’ll look back on with regret.

Devlin feat. Ed Sheeran – ’Watchtower (All Along The)’

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The lead single from Devlin’s second album mixes Jimi Hendrix’s distinctive riff distorted under a rap track whilst Ed Sheeran delivers a serviceable chorus of the Bob Dylan cover. Do yourself a favour and don’t watch the video as it adds a load of dialogue over the top and makes it sound like a proper mess. Away from that the addition of the rap over the famous riff works well in style, timing and lyrics and compliments the chorus well though all the individual elements, especially the percussion track, become too overpowering for each other and it becomes far, far too messy to be an enjoyable listen and becomes more about noise than music, which is remedied in the more listenable breakdown two-thirds in. A disappointing production job of what sounds like, on paper, as a promising concept. (5/10)

Green Day – ’Kill The DJ’

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Green Day have gone a little bit Red Hot Chilli Peppers mixed with the Arctic Monkeys on their new single in what is a throwback to an earlier sound. Much poppier and indie than I expected from the ‘Day with a catchy musical backing, even if the chorus is possibly their most repetitive yet, though it does shift from annoying to memorable as the track reaches its conclusion via some great drum beats and vocal tricks, though I can see it wandering back into annoying territory after further listens. Aside from that there’s much to enjoy in this radio-friendly tune with an interesting riff and some well-judged production decisions. It is quite a shift in direction from their famous ‘American Idiot’ days but I like it and can hear this giving the band a new following in 2012. I’m tempted to go and say it’s my favourite Green Day song so far but I’ll hold on that until a few more listens.

Pulled Apart By Horses – ’Bromance Ain’t Dead’

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The third single from the Leeds band’s second album is not really selling me on their music especially when they are from my home county. It sounds too much like a band trying to be rock with fast-paced riffs and incomprehensible screechy lyrics. Seriously, what are they actually singing on this song? Yes, they can play guitars and have the style but it’s nothing more than a wall of noises set to a quick-lets-make-as-much-noise-as-we-can setting.. There are the signs of a few interesting ideas that appear after a few listens but they get lost in the mess. Disappointing.

Sam and The Womp – ’Bom Bom’

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It must be summer. Seeming like the love child between ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ and ‘Doop’ from the 1990s, it’s trying to be the summer party tune mixing in French-accented lyrics with a brass section that was done better in Alex Gaudino’s ‘Destination Calabaria’. Almost 2012’s answer to the Macarena, it is though trying too hard to be wacky. It will get stuck in your head but it’s trying too hard to be the big crazy summer tune and not letting it happen naturally. Not bad for the genre though and the horns are great.

Simple Plan feat. Sean Paul – ’Summer Paradise’

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Speaking of summer here is another contender for the laid back tune of the season. Kicking off with a cracking whistle riff it soon jumps into a catchy, simple but memorable pop song with a great feeling to it. I would advise you to pick out the version without Sean Paul thrusting inappropriate shout-outs onto the record like a bad birthday party DJ. I’m sure the record label said something like ‘Put him on the record or the kids won’t buy it’ but, whatever the reasoning behind the collaboration, that was a bad decision. Paul aside – who does sound better when he’s given the chance to do a full verse – the song is great and captures the feeling of summer, sounding like Jason Mraz if he was a bit rockier, and one of the better tracks in a weaker week of music, even if does appear to have been influenced by Train… ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ anyone during the chorus? Influences aside, it’s a well received summer pop tune.

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