Who I am Melanie C

Single Review + Official Video: Who I am by Melanie C

While All other Spice Girls are busy counting their cash between reunion tours, Melanie C never hit the brakes on her music career. Mel has released seven studio albums and also a long list of collaborations and stand-alone singles.  She is now back with her new single ‘Who I am’ it was released today(19 March) […]

madison beer

New Single Review: “Selfish” By Madison Beer

Madison Beer is an exciting new artist who has already impressed fans and critics alike. For that reason, her album “Life Support” is among the most-anticipated albums of the year already. Now she has released a new single titled “Selfish.” The 20-year-old takes up the subject matter of a toxic relationship and creates a stunning […]


What are Why Don’t We Planning In This New Song, “Big Plans”? Song Premiere:

Back in August, 2018, the American pop band, “Why Don’t We” dropped their debut studio album, “8 Letters”. Why Don’t We has come up again. They have shared a new song titled, “Big Plans”. It was co-written by all the band members. The band comprises 5 members including, “Zach Herron”, “Jonah Marais”, “Jack Avery”, “Corbyn Besson” and […]


Listen to Unreleased Songs by Camila Cabello

Are you following Camila Cabello who is on her “Never Be The Same” tour? If not, you have already missed a new song that she premiered last night. Camila Cabello has premiered a new song. She gave us this surprise when she was performing in front of her fans at “Never Be The Same Tour” […]

Music Video Review: “The Nights” by Avicii

Avicii’s music video for “The Nights” has quite a story behind it. It showcases story of a videographer Roy Kramer. Roy, who is already a huge YouTube star for his adventure videos, agreed to contribute his life footage for Avicii’s music video when asked by Nick ‘Ras’ Furlong. Ras is Avicii’s collaborator and both have […]

How Punk Changed The World

How Punk changed the world Punk. It exploded onto the UK and America and changed our post-war era irreparably, and although it is a tough challenge to pin down the who, where, when and why of what started punk, none of it really matters. What makes the movement starkly unique is its changing and culturally […]

justin bieber

Single Review: “Yummy” By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is back and he has started his new era with a new single titled “Yummy.” This new single came out on January 3. The 25-year-old singer has also announced his new album and this single “Yummy” will serve as the lead single for this fifth album. Unlike Bieber’s recent attempts at pop and […]

Kiiara bipolar

New Single Review “Bipolar” By Kiiara

Kiiara has premiered a new single titled “Bipolar” and it’s fire. Her last single “Open My Mouth” was probably the best pop song this summer and now this new single could also turn out to be another hit. The 24-year-old singer is on a roll. “Bipolar” is the second single from her forthcoming album. It […]