MIKA Revives the 90’s Club POP With Single “Ice Cream”

Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. also styles as MIKA released his last studio album “No Place in Heaven” 4 long years ago. Thankfully he is back with another catchy opener for his new up-coming album “My Name is Michael Holbrook”. The album is to be released on 4th of October, but Michael has decided to give us a taste of his upcoming masterpiece.

The song is the perfect reflection of summer vibes. “The Swimming pool is laughing with its shinny bright blue teeth. Laughing at my body like it’s sweltering with heat”. Then he sings in the chorus “The smell of colored plastic, baking in the sun. Sweet just like frustration my senses on the run”.

Michael explained his thought process behind the song in an interview, “Ice Cream was written on a day of extreme heat. It was the last few days of the album; a writing period that lasted for two years”. He continued “This song is a daydream fantasy”. MIKA also has plans to travel Europe on the Revelation Tour. This tour is to start on November and run through Valentine’s Day 2020.

Listen To New Single: “Ice Cream” by MIKA

Post Author: Harvey Dyer