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Single Review: “Why Me” by Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne has released yet another track from her upcoming and huge anticipated debut album. The debut album will be titled “I Cry I Laugh” and it will be available for purchase on August 14 by Atlantic Records. The album will include hit singles from Jess Glynne as well as collaborations with other artists.

The newly premiered track “Why Me” is nothing less than what we expected from this talented singer. Her magical vocals create an enigmatic sound with pulsating bass beats over a slow-paced percussion. There is a divine moment towards the end of the song where Jess takes her vocal-pitch to the next level and surprises everyone with her talents.

Although “Why Me” is a kind of uplifting song, thanks to Glynne’s vocal energy, the theme of the song is dark. It talks about oppression and how it affects one’s personality and dreams. There is no doubt that Jess Glynne has done this perfectly – something artists usually fail at when putting energy to a darker song. Glynne doesn’t make any mistake and that’s the reason we believe she is on her way to a super hit single and a massive album. Listen to this latest song and put a reminder for August 14 when you can finally get your hands on her album.

Listen to “Why Me” by Jess Glynne

Post Author: David Watt