meghan trainor run like the river

Listen To “Run Like The River” By Meghan Trainor OST Playmobil: The Movie

This week, we had plenty of soundtracks to enjoy and Meghan Trainor isn’t backing out either. She has blessed us with the original soundtrack of the movie Playmobil: The Movie. The track is titled “Run Like The River”, which is the first thing we have heard from this upcoming movie.

“Run Like The River” is an uplifting track that will make you feel better no matter how you felt when you started listening to the track. The track doesn’t stop you from crying when you want to or make you control your emotions. Meghan sings in the opening verse “You’re allowed to feel however you feel” and then goes on to say “You don’t always have to hide your tears.”

The track “Run Like The River” feels totally like a hit. If luck favors, this could be the first hit from the soundtrack for Playmobil: The Movie. We hope many interesting tracks will follow soon. It’s time you listen to this song and tell us what you think about it.

Listen To “Run Like The River” By Meghan Trainor

Post Author: David Watt