Watch Music Video To Bülow’s Song, “Sweet Little Lies”:

The German-Canadian pop singer, “Megan Bülow” who is known professionally as, “Bülow” has shared a new music video for her first song of 2019 called, “Sweet Little Lies”. The song was released back in February.

Sweet Little Lies is a follow up to the pop singer’s previously released song titled, “Two Punks In Love” which was premiered back in October, 2018.

Back to the new music video, it opens and sees Bülow dragging something in woods covered by snow. She looks hurt. The clip unfolds and surprisingly, it turns out that she was dragging a corpse of a man.

Yes, she drags the dead body to a road in the forest where a friend would be awaits her with a truck. They will put the dead body in the truck and drive out of the forest.

Watch the music video to Bülow song, “Sweet Little Lies”:

Bülow talked to the media about the song and said, “Sweet Little Lies is about creating false realities. When things get real, we find escapes. Sometimes it’s hobbies, and sometimes it’s people. But the degree of it we can’t always control.”

Post Author: David Watt